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Doc Bailey's Elixir

Doc Bailey’s Elixir is a premium eJuice and vape juice manufacturer, proudly providing the entire vaping world with exciting flavors, complex mixtures and safe vaping products.

They use, in the production process, some of the finest ingredients available on the market, releasing their products only after rigorous testing.

This line will provide you with satisfaction if you are all about classic flavors, whether you are looking for a classic tobacco blend or a modern dessert mix.

SI3PEEO is a bold, intense RY4 tobacco blend that will sure make it easier for you to curb the craving if you are just now quitting smoking or if you simply enjoy the good ol’ classics.

Bluffin is one of their dessert blends, a warm blueberry muffin that will sure have you coming back for more. You will definitely fall in love, from the very first puff!

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